Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Senior Model 2010 - Anika

This girl is as bad as they come. Had a lot of fun with this session. Went up to some areas that were new to me and had a blast. I told her that I wanted fire and she brought the heat. Check her out.

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anika said...

Hey, it Anika

Here are just a couple of people that are really entersted in doing senior pictures

Shelby Merry
4001 Friedman LA.
Rescue, Ca 95672

kyle Jones
7184 Pine Cone Dr.
Pollock Pines, ca 95726

Trevor Gregorvich
5829 Ritz Rd. apt# 2
Pollock Pines, Ca 95726

Tim Correa
3704 Malachite Wy.
Rescue, Ca 95672

and dont worry i'll be sending you some more this week=)